Student Reflections #3

Over the next few weeks, we will be featuring students' experiences from Fades4Grades and Polish at iMentor Global. We've asked a few students to share their reflections.

This week we highlight Lester Davis!

My experience with the Fades4Grades program has been great. Coming in to this program, I was barely passing my classes and I had personal issues that were never spoken around others. When I first came, I was quiet and had the idea of never opening up. As I came more, it helped me become more comfortable with the other kids in the class.

This program has a lot to offer to our young people. All of the mentors are very caring to your needs and are there whenever you’re in need of help. I consider this program as my second family. Because of Mr. McGregor and the other mentors, I now feel as if I have a stronger chance in life.

-Lester Davis, Senior at View Park High School

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