Student Reflections #1

Over the next few weeks, we will be featuring students' experiences from Fades4Grades and Polish at iMentor Global. We've asked a few students to share their reflections.

View Park High School Student Reflections

This week we highlight Paris Thomas!

My favorite thing at iMentor Global is that it’s always “real” in the words of Mr. McGregor. I know that when I enter the atmosphere of Polish, we can talk about real topics and get real advice without things being sugarcoated.

Some kids really need programs like iMentor Global to express their actual feelings and get advice they can’t just get from teachers at school. I love that this program just wants to literally better students in any way possible whether it’s tutoring, advice, a good laugh or literally whatever the student needs.

I know I wouldn’t be the student I am if I wasn’t a part of this program, this program has an affect on the way my attitude has changed for the better. Such as, I don’t react to things the way kids in my age group may react because this program has really helped me learn how to break down the brain of a “hurt” person and understand how to use my hurt to the best of my abilities. So overall, my favorite thing at Polish and iMentor is all the “realness” because the realness is what created me to be open, and open-minded.

-Paris Thomas, Senior at View Park High School

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